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      Company News

      CSALC completed the transformer transportation of ultra high altitude ali and mid -tibet networking

      Date of publication:2020-05-18Publisher: Ding YaodongNumber of visits:4062

      Following the three "power heaven roads" of Qinghai-Tibet electric power network, Sichuan-Tibet electric power network and Tibetan-China electric power network, the ali and mid-tibetan electric power network project is another super-high altitude and super-difficult power transmission and transformation project constructed by State Grid Co., Ltd., which breaks through the life restricted zone and challenges the survival limit.The project starts at the dolin 220 kv substation in Sanzhuzi district, Xigaze city, and ends at the 220 kv bar substation in Ge’er county, Ali region. It spans 10 districts and counties in 2 prefectures and cities in Xizang province, with a total investment of 7.4 billion yuan.

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