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      Hunan electric power logistics was awarded red flag unit and silver award in 2019

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        China Special Article Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CSALC) is subordinate to CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited and specializes in domestic and international engineering logistics services. It is mainly engaged in seven major business sectors: engineering logistics, international logistics, dangerous goods logistics, project warehousing and distribution, operation and management of special railway lines, bulk cargo logistics, project consultation and planning, and etc. The company currently employs more than 700 staff, including more than 200 professionals and technical managing personnels who are specialized in the field of large-size equipment and dangerous goods transportation, project warehousing, traffic, machinery, electrical and other fields. The company has complete qualifications, sophisticated equipment, and the ability to provide service of multiple engineering logistics projects at the same time.
        In recent years, CSALC has adopted multi-modal transportation of highway, railway and water to undertake the transportation tasks of thousands of large transformers in key national UHV power grid construction projects, such as the Three Gorges, Jingmen, Fulong, Puer, Yue, Zanzhong and Changji. It has successfully completed the third party logistics management task of more than 30 thermal power plant equipments of 300 MW, 600 MW and 1000MW units, including hastening, transportation, warehousing, installation services, data transfer and etc.  It has undertaken the operation and management of more than 10 power plants'railway special lines. Since 2005, CSALC has organized more than 50 transportations of nuclear waste, radioactive materials such as natural uranium and petrochemical dangerous goods such as asphalt. Taking advantage of the opportunity of project construction, CSALC has developed special transportation equipment to solve the technical bottleneck of large-scale freight railway and highway transportation in China. It has co-developed 20 special railway vehicles, 30 highway bridge vehicles and 30 concave bottom vehicles with domestic vehicle manufacturers successively, and has obtained 17 patents for practical new types of machinery and tools. In 2009, CSALC went abroad and provided international door to door logistics services for more than 30 countries, including Sri Lanka, Angola, Argentina, North Macedonia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

        CSALC has established a perfect logistics service network: an engineering logistics base has been established in Hunan, an international logistics base in Shanghai, and an energy and chemical engineering logistics base in Guangxi. It provides supporting logistics services for the power, petrochemical, mechanical, metallurgical, nuclear power and other industries. It has also begun to transform and participate in construction of new energy engineering building, such as wind power, photovoltaic, offshore wind power and other new energy construction projects. After 15 years of rapid growth and development, CSALC has created good economic and social benefits, and become a well-known domestic and international engineering logistics service provider. 

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